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Welcome to Brunch & Bites, home to the best breakfast Lisbon has to offer. Located in the heart of Alfama, we pride ourselves on creating unforgettable morning experiences.

The Melancholic Heartbeat of Portugal's Cultural Identity

Musica de Fado, originating in the historic Alfama neighborhood of Lisbon, Portugal, boasts a rich and poignant history deeply intertwined with the nation’s cultural identity. This melancholic musical genre emerged in the early 19th century, reflecting the struggles and emotions of the Portuguese working class and seafarers. Fado, which means “fate” or “destiny” in Portuguese, conveys a sense of longing, nostalgia, and saudade, a uniquely Portuguese word that encapsulates the bittersweet essence of the music. Over the years, Fado evolved from small, intimate gatherings in Alfama’s narrow alleys to renowned venues across Lisbon, ultimately gaining international recognition as a UNESCO-recognized Intangible Cultural Heritage. It stands as a powerful testament to Portugal’s enduring cultural heritage, preserving stories of love, loss, and resilience through soulful melodies and heartfelt lyrics.

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In total 650m² of hand-crafted decor, mix of styles and colors.
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To make everyone entering the establishment feel at home and find their atmosphere.

A Living Heritage of Portugal's Cultural Soul and Identity

The importance of Musica de Fado from Alfama transcends its historical roots, playing a crucial role in modern Portuguese culture. This hauntingly beautiful genre serves as a living testament to the nation’s heritage, encapsulating the soul of Portugal through its mournful melodies and heartfelt lyrics. Fado artists, such as Amália Rodrigues and Mariza, have achieved global acclaim, introducing this genre to audiences worldwide. Fado, in its essence, provides a platform for storytelling, expressing the collective experiences of the Portuguese people and connecting generations through its emotional resonance. Today, Fado continues to thrive, both as a beloved form of artistic expression and a symbol of Portugal’s rich cultural tapestry, ensuring that the heart-wrenching strains of Alfama’s Fado remain forever entwined with the nation’s identity.

Brunch and Bites
Our Menu

Get Relax. Eat.

Experience the Ultimate Blend of Comfort and Flavor at Brunch & Bites – Your Destination for Relaxation and Dining Pleasure.

Vegetable Omelette - 6.50€

Egg / Onion / Tomato

Greek Breakfast - 11.50€

Poached  egg / Greek-style / Potato pancake / Sausage / Bacon

Horiatiki - 9.9€

Tomato / Red onion / Spicy Chickpeas / Sliced Avocado

Granola bowl - 8.90€

Seasonal Fruits / Yogurt /  Granola

Chef Special Tagliatelle Demiglace - 13.50€

Demi-Glace/ Tagliatelle / Mushroom / Vegetable Stock / Butter

Fried Chicken burger - 10.80€

Chicken fillet fried / Bacon / Lettuce / Chadder / Tomato /  Pickle

Chef Special cheese cake - 7.90€

Philadelphia Cream Cheese / Icing sugar / Biscuits ground

Acai Bowl (Vegan) - 9.90€

Real Acai / Seasonal fruits / Nuts and Granola (Soya Milk)

Greek Style Baked Cod fish

Discover the Best Breakfast in Lisbon

Indulge in the ‘Best Breakfast in Lisbon’ at Brunch & Bites with our Greek Style Baked Cod Fish. This signature dish showcases the rich culinary traditions of Lisbon, featuring locally sourced cod fish—a cornerstone of Portuguese cuisine—baked in a zesty homemade tomato sauce, inspired by Greek flavors. Perfectly embodying the fusion of Mediterranean and Lisbon’s gastronomic heritage, it’s a testament to why we’re celebrated for offering the best breakfast experience in Alfama. Join us for a breakfast that not only delights the palate but also connects you to the essence of local ingredients and culinary artistry.


What They Say

It's a crowded area, cars everywhere, smokers at most tables...and one of the best burgers I've ever had. My advice: enjoy the ambiance of this street will not regret it once you try the burger.
Mathew H
The food was really, really good and delicious. The recommended wine was great and the personnel very kind! Nice place for lunch time!
Food was very delicious. The service was fast and the staff was very nice. Very good quality for the price we paid! Highly recommended and we’ll come back for sure!!
Luca C


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